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<aside> 👋🏻 Hello, I'm Chetan. Currently, I'm an Associate Director of Product @Sprinklr. Challenges that require me to break information silos across multiple domains excite me the most.


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Sprinklr (Aug'20 — Present)

Design Intern → Product Designer → Associate Product Manager → Product Manager → Senior Product Manager→ Lead Product Manager→Associate Director of Product

From entering Sprinklr as a curious young intern still in college to landing a PrePlacement Offer to designing full time across three different clouds to making a lateral shift to product management, the journey has been nothing short of phenomenal. I've tried to summarise my projects below:

<aside> 🖤 Modern Care Smart Insights Smart Case Summary ****LiveChat Builder


<aside> 🥁 Modern Distributed Lyearn x Sprinklr Gamified Onboarding flow for Web & Mobile


<aside> 🔎 Modern Research(Product) Listening competitor landscaping Walkme Playbook Media Insights


Designing and building products at Sprinklr's scale and complexity has taught me more in one year than I could've ever asked for. I have been incredibly fortunate to be surrounded by brilliant people and it has shaped my worldview to a large extent.

I cannot talk about my work at Sprinklr yet but my blog would give you a good glimpse of my experience with the company.

A Junior VC(Jun 2020-Present)

Passion Project | Weekend hustle

A Junior VC was started with the belief that there is a whitespace on conversations by venture capitalists in the entrepreneurial and startup ecosystem in India. The team is comprised of high agency folks from diverse backgrounds who hustle out their weekends in the pursuit of learning and sharing knowledge.

Starting with a fortnightly commentary, we expanded it to become a platform of multiple products. Here are a few of them:

<aside> 📰 Startup stories - An in-depth analysis of startups that have battled the odds to make it big. Read by over 65k people monthly, completely organic.

A few pieces which I have contributed to: Amul, Edtech, MPL, Nazara, Space Tech


<aside> 🎙️ **Founder Unfiltered Podcast** - ****Unscripted conversations about Founders and their stories behind the process of building a company. Listened to by over 5k people monthly.

Here are a few episodes that I've been a part of: Amul, Boat, Edtech, MPL, Nazara, Space Tech


<aside> ⭐ Startup concepts- Complex startup lingo like CAC/LTV/DAU, explained in a comic book format, garners 25k+ organic hits monthly

This one is close to my heart since Keshav and me co-created it from scratch. Concepts ended up finishing as #1 Product of the day on Product Hunt. Check it out below.


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